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Friday, 02.08.2024

Tenerife Wines

& Street Food

Arrival time from 19.30

Event start 20.00

Savor Tenerife: A Premium Wine & Culinary Experience

Treat yourself to a unique culinary adventure. Enjoy 3 glasses of premium wines from the island’s best bodegas: Vento (White), Viñatigo (Rosé), and Crater (Red). Complement these exquisite wines with a delightful 3-course menu:

  1. Falafel on Hummus: A perfect blend of crispy and creamy textures

  2. Mini Smash Burger (or "Sabich" with Aubergines) with French Fries: Choose between a juicy burger or a delicious middle eastern vegetarian alternative.

  3. Chocolate Cake: End on a sweet note with this decadent dessert.

All this for 34.90 €! Experience the best of Tenerife in one unforgettable meal.

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